Monday, January 24, 2011


So being an IVF pregnancy it was a little different, the first 6 weeks I was still giving my self injections so it was hard on me. I was so scared I was going to lose one of them or both of them. I went to work everyday in Manhattan, so when I walked to and from the train I would talk to my belly and get to know them, they listened because there were many many mornings that I was so sick that I would just beg them to let me get to work, it was hard commuting and dealing with morning sickness but we did it. At every doctor visit I would say do I still need to work and the answer was always YES, its the best thing for you keep up your normal routine, so I did and then I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and low iron...oh joy! At this point I was enjoying going to work again because the morning sickness was gone, the heartburn was OK so it was nice to be with my co-workers. Then one March night I went for my Dr's visit and she said "BED REST" NOW! So I thought I would be happy, no more work but I wasn't I was scared. I called Carol ( my boss) and filled her in and that was the last day I would work. I was 7 months along. The bed rest at first I was doing things and feeling like I was on vacation but then as the weeks went by I was tired all the time, the twins were moving around alot and I was getting bigger by the minute. Weeks and weeks went by and we kept hanging on. The Dr told me that the best place for the twins was in my belly so she wanted them in there as long as possible and I was so scared of not being able to take my babies home that I followed her rules to the letter. Then one week in May the Dr told me its time I am going to have a C-Section( Twin A was breech Twin B was across my chest) next Wednesday morning. I walked into the waiting room to where my dad was waiting for me and I told him next Wednesday I will be a mom!! I was sooooooo scared.

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