Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick Bellies & Snow Days

The last two days have been really rough, yesterday we got more snow, another 19 inches which means no hubby home and no way out of the house...JOY! And if it couldn't get any worse Joshua and Riley both have a stomach virus, which means alot of dirty diapers and clothes. Chris is thankfully home today and I was able to go out and run some much needed errands. Riley is feeling much better, Joshua is still sick.....I called the doctor and of course there isn't much that they can do for him, just a bland diet. The doctor also suggested if possible a little fresh air, so Chris and I took them out to venture in the snow. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Silly Faces

Today as been good, Joshua and Riley woke up very happy and in silly moods. Its another day of snow, so we really need to make the best of out time stuck in this house. I have some pictures from a today and few days ago to share. While I was making breakfast this morning Riley decided to get undressed!!!!!!!!! She just amazes me. Check out the pictures of them on there morning phone call with grandma!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Current Day

Now that I brought you up to speed on our life and gave you some highlights from the twins first year, I will not talk in the present.......
Today was not that great so far Riley woke up at 5:30am and has been driving me crazy ever since, 2 cups of coffee have not helped me at all. The twins are good on the most part they play with each other, I worry alot when they are quiet because that means no good can come from it. This morning Riley climbed into the toy box and poor Joshua is to chubby to climb in himself so I hear Riley telling to give her his hand so she can help him...too funny. The climbing stage is so not FUN!!! Between the two of them I don't know how there isn't brain damage. Its almost lunch time which then brings nap time......which means and hour or more of peace and quiet for me to be alone before the next shift begins again.

Joshua and Riley turn 1

May 20, 2010 Joshua and Riley turn 1. Where did a year go already??? I can't believe that there 1 already. The day of there birthday we did some firsts with them, we took they to Toys R Us, the Park and then McDonald's. It was a beautiful day out, we came home for a pizza dinner with Grandma, Papa, Grandma & Pop. We also had some cake for the first time. That weekend we had a big birthday party in Grandma's back yard.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Carol & Wayne aka "Grandma & Pop"

I worked with Carol for 2 years. We got close over those years. Unfortunately Carol lost her only daughter Karen, which I think made us closer because we had alot in common.It turned out that I was having my embryo transfer on Karen's birthday (Carol's daughter) so for sure we have a guardian angel.I was talking to Chris during my pregnancy one day and I told him that I think we should ask Carol and Wayne to be grandparents to the twins, Chris agreed. The next day when I went to work I told Carol the news, she was very happy. She was at some Dr visits with me, they were both there the day the twins were born and have been there for us ever since. There my not be blood between us but we truly are FAMILY. I love them both so much and to hear Joshua and Riley call them "Grandma and Pop" it melts all of our hearts.

The first year

The first year of Joshua and Riley's life as been amazing. It has been hard work but to see them now its mind blowing, the things that they say and do. All there firsts are just about over for now we had all of our first Holiday's words meals and more....

The Baptism

On July 12, 2009 Joshua and Riley were baptised. Joshua's godparents are Christina and Louie Vacca, Christina is actually my godmother also. Riley's godparents are Lori and Louis Villiarola. Lori is my older sister and 6 months prior to the twins birth she asked us to be godparents to her third daughter Gabrielle Michelle.

The twins were very good during the ceremony and had a great time at there party in Grandma's back yard.