Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Park Time

Took the twins to the park today for some much needed running around! Being stuck in the house for the winter left them with alot of energy to burn...

Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter!

We colored eggs (riley only broke one) our fingers are all different colors as well as our eggs. We went to spend the day with Grandma Carol and the rest of the family. Joshua even "drove" Pop's car.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My Irish Babies enjoyed a great day with grandma. They are sporting there green shirts from grandma. Joshua also enjoyed his cornbeef and cabbage.....Riley not so much she hate macaroni I guess her Italian side over powers her....

Time for another much needed haircut

Took Joshua and Riley for some much needed haircuts, but Joshua got alot more taken off then he expected....

Christmas 2011

This shows you how long its been I didn't even post anything for the holidays. Sarah took the pictures for us for Christmas and Carmelo made sure that we least some of us did...LOL!

Thing One & Thing Two

Aunt Millie got us these cool shirts how funny are we....

To The Farm we go..........

The Cleary Family hit the farm this weekend with Grandma & Pop! We had so much fun it was awesome. We went on a tractor driven hay ride we went in a pumpkin patch and picked our own pumpkins, we saw animals and Joshua even went on his very first pony ride, Riley chose not to.  We went to the farm store and we bought jams and apples and so many more fruits and veggies it truly was a great day!

Time is Flying by

So sorry that I haven't been on here in such a long time. So much as changed in our lives. My husband lost his job and I went back to my old job and the twins are just growing up way to fast. We are approaching there 3rd birthday....just saying it scares me, it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant. But anyway I will post some pictures to show you how much they have changed.