Monday, January 24, 2011

Carol & Wayne aka "Grandma & Pop"

I worked with Carol for 2 years. We got close over those years. Unfortunately Carol lost her only daughter Karen, which I think made us closer because we had alot in common.It turned out that I was having my embryo transfer on Karen's birthday (Carol's daughter) so for sure we have a guardian angel.I was talking to Chris during my pregnancy one day and I told him that I think we should ask Carol and Wayne to be grandparents to the twins, Chris agreed. The next day when I went to work I told Carol the news, she was very happy. She was at some Dr visits with me, they were both there the day the twins were born and have been there for us ever since. There my not be blood between us but we truly are FAMILY. I love them both so much and to hear Joshua and Riley call them "Grandma and Pop" it melts all of our hearts.

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