Monday, January 24, 2011

The Beginning

Well I guess I should welcome everyone to my Twin Life, I hope your more prepared for the ride then I am....LOL! Your probably wondering how does a mom of 1 1/2 year old twins have time to blog, well I really don't but I need to talk to the world about my two miracles, so I suppose I should start from the very beginning.......I am married to my husband for 8 years now, things are good we are happy we wanted a family badly of course there was never the right time to start financially so we just went for it, but nothing, we kept on going but for a long time nothing and no answers as to why, my sister had two kids and her husband and her told me to try going to her OB she was great that maybe she could help. I really didn't want to I don't know why maybe by this point years had gone by and now I was afraid what the reason would be, so I finally got up the courage to go and sure enough within 10 minute's into the visit I was diagnosed with PCOS and that is the reason why we weren't being able to conceive! Tears alot of them for several reasons, one to know what is wrong two to know that there is hope, so the journey began........ We started out medicine, nothing, we tried different meds nothing, IT WASN'T GETTING BETTER. After several months the Dr told us that we should talk to another Dr about IVF, Chris and I right away said no, there is no possible way to afford it so why should we look into it and get our hopes up. So we basically decided there would be no kids in our future we would just be Awesome Aunt's and Uncle's to Emma and Kailee and that would be enough. So we moved forward I got a great new job and I was loving it, I finally got my driver's license (in my 30's) but I got it and Chris was doing great at his job we were OK.....or were we???? I few months later my dad and I were driving (me behind the wheel) and he told me that him and my mom had spoke (they were recently divorced) so that comment in it self almost made me, but he told me that they would like to help Chris and I with the cost of IVF if we really wanted to do it.....AGAIN I ALMOST CRASHED!!!!!!!! I then drove to my mom's house and spoke to her about it and she was on board, then went home to Chris and we talked it out and realized the one thing missing in our lives was a BABY!

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