Sunday, February 20, 2011

21 Months OLD!!!

Why isn't time standing still for me????? My babies are growing up way to fast. I am not going to lie there are days that I wish that they were off at school because they drive me crazy, but they are my miracle babies and I have to remind myself of that every now and again. Today they are 21 months old! Where did the time go????? They are doing and saying soooooo much that they amaze me more and more everyday. Today we were suppose to spend the day with Aunt ReRe and the girls but Kailee got sick so we had to reschedule but Grandma came for her normal Sunday visit and then we got a call from the other Grandma and we all went to visit her and Pop so it turned out to be a nice day, because we got out of the house.

Joshua even went for a ride in the car with Pop alone and left mommy and sister home with the two grandma's. This was a very big step for Joshua (he is my shy twin) I must admit I was a little nervous also. Riley on the other hand was PISSED OFF! She wanted her brother back NOW!!!! She waited by the window until they got back ( a whole 20 minutes). She was thrilled when they got back. So being out all day meant no nap which meant they have been fast asleep since 7:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for me to enjoy the night. Here are some pictures.

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